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Welcome Home: Sheepadoodle Farm

Our family home gets a fresh coat of paint inside, photographs to follow

This year while the world was forced to stand still, our family life finally moved forward. And with the need for more space, we have settled into our forever home not far from our first love, Manhattan. Our incredibly spoiled Sheepadoodle now has a design project named after him (and very likely, a wall paint/floor stain color scheme... and a mailbox woodworked into his likeness...), complete with a yard and evergreen hued broadloom in the basement which he may believe is a dog park. While I will regret to inform him that furniture is indeed planned for all the rooms, which may get in the way of him running through the halls with abandon, I think we'll be more than happy here as our family grows. But more about that later...

When we bought Sheepadoodle Farm, our rose coloured glasses were frankly opaque, and we felt a bit crazy for falling in love with her so fast. It was not the property we imagined for ourselves, sitting pretty on nearly an acre with mature landscaping, and more than twice the number of bedrooms than we have members of our household. We were visiting houses in the area when I convinced our realtor (and my husband) on a lark to swing by. I did a turn on the upstairs landing, said to myself, "This is my house, but, it's obviously of the question," and laughed while walking out. A month later when it was still on the market with no offers, we came back again... It's funny how your heart always knows when it's home.

Once we closed and inspected things further, it was clear that the immediate phase of work would be to completely repaint the interior, change all of the light fixtures, and refinish the hardwood floors. We will have accomplished almost all of that before moving in this weekend, and the rest will have to be sorted out in the coming months and year ahead. It's perhaps premature to share the paint schedule before there are after shots to go with it, but I wanted to give you a sneak peak while you follow along on the progress. All paints are Benjamin Moore, Aura. All ceilings are Chantilly Lace. Walls are painted matte and trim is semi gloss.

Living Room

Halls (floors and banister to be refinished with Duraseal Jacobean and True Black respectively, then sealed with a waterbased Bona finish)

Sectional facing a big old TV goes here...

I am really past the point of being allowed on a ladder to tape stripes like this, but we Virgos are who we are...

Shiplap in Bedroom 4 to be painted as trim

Bedroom 3

Upstairs + Downstairs Halls Chantilly Lace

Powder Room Chantilly Lace

Primary Bedroom Trim + Walls: Lacey Pearl

Nursery Moonlight White, 2" vertical stripes inside closets are Red River Clay

3rd Bedroom Trim: Muskoka Trail, Walls: Chantilly Lace

4th Bedroom Trim + Shiplap Wall: Iron Mountain, Walls: Chantilly Lace

Office/5th Bedroom Trim: Chantilly Lace, Walls: Simply White

Family Room Trim: Light Pewter, Walls: Chantilly Lace

Dining Room TBD

Living Room Trim + Walls: Hazy Skies

As we plan to renovate the kitchen and bathrooms, these spaces will be painted later. The design scheme for all rooms will be shared once complete.

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