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Built in 2006, a 43 story condominium building located in downtown Toronto requires an overhaul of its complete first floor.


AMD participated in a rigorous bidding process, winning the opportunity to resolve a variety of functional issues for the property, including the overall improvement of building safety and security, traffic flow, and temperature control.


The former resident lounge once felt like an airport: residents only passing through to reach the mailroom (on a yellow and red checkerboard floor).  The new plan removes the revolving door and extends the entrance vestibule to provide a more secure and temperate welcoming space with direct sight-lines to reception.  


An adjacent visitor's lounge with custom banquette seating, eclectic lighting, and built in charging station, allows visitors to wait in style without accessing the elevators or private resident lounge.  Downsizing and relocating the mail room doors creates resident only access to a stunning marble fireplace feature, coffee bar, and conference area, obscured from the lobby through a decorative partition.

Project completion expected December 2019.

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