When construction is done and dusted, and the movers make their way across your newly oiled herringbone floors, there is one last touch required to make your house a home.  

Whether through travels across Europe and South America or by collaborating with local makers, Arielle has begun to draw together a collection of eclectic handmade objects to fill in the empty spaces in your shelves, the quiet corners of your favourite reading chair, adorn your table top and even arrange your pantry.  



Born in Saigon to Mennonite parents, Minh would eventually attend Yale University and major in Geophysics.  It was in his final year in New Haven that he discovered the art department and enrolled in sculpture classes.  Post grad, after years apprenticing in art glass with the Great Bri'oni, Minh left Santa Barbara to settle in the foothills of the Shenandoah Valley with his family.  


Minh's style is evocative of timeless Murano tradition with a modern and current twist.  His work is both functional and beautiful: a seamless way to elevate any table-scape or a toast for two.  


Arielle has curated her favourite pieces from his collection below.  Please contact us at hello@ariellemizrahidesign.com to pre-order.